2013 Main Stage Performers


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Listen to Dwight Mark’s theme song for the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, “Dragon Boat”!


ARCINDAsm(Sunday 2:30 pm)
ARCINDA (The Arts & Culture of Indonesia) performs Indonesian – Javanese Gamelan Music, Songs; and Dances (the dance from the Javanese Palace). During the Indonesian monarchy and colonial times, dance, such as that in Yogyakarta (Javanese), was considered sacred and maintained only by the people in the palace. However, the dance began to open to the outside the palace wall gradually. In 1918, the king wanted to develop dance that was open to the public. There was open opportunity to serve the tourists and to stage a dance in the palace for the tourists. In that time, dance activity at the palace didn’t end only in Yogyakarta, but expanded into the other area, the foreign countries. So, this is a unique multi-cultural environment that can attract more audiences from different cultures in a broad community. Arcinda has received several grants, from Colorado Creative Industries, City of Fort Collins and City of Longmont. Arcinda has performed at the Denver Art Museum and at a 2011 Holiday Heritage event at the Governor’s mansion, where Arcinda featured a unique multi-cultural collaboration with a modern band.


juliamisawa-bouldertaikohibiki-sm(Sunday 4:30-5 pm)
[email protected]
Boulder Taiko “HIBIKI” was founded by Julia Misawa in January 2006. Already our dynamic young group has performed at cultural and community events along the Colorado Front Range, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Julia Misawa studied traditional Japanese taiko for ten years under the guidance of Taiko Master Seiichi Tanaka. It was Sensei Tanaka who first brought Taiko to the U.S. in 1968 when he founded the San Francisco Taiko Dojo. As part of the professional team at this dojo, Julia Misawa traveled throughout the United States. Some memorable experiences included performing at Carnegie Hall and recording a DVD at studios owned by George Lucas. Along with intense devotion to her own practice, Julia also assisted to conduct workshops for emotionally disturbed children at a hospital in Napa California. She continues in Boulder her commitment to teaching taiko to children and adults.


ChristinaYeh-aboriginaldance(Sunday 12:30 pm)
Christina Yeh is a performer, instructor, and choreographer. She interpretes Chinese culture and music through various dance forms. Their dances feature ethnic cultures in various regions of China with their traditional music and costumes. Students of Christina Yeh Dance Studio learn Chinese music and practice traditional Chinese dances at the Studio in downtown Denver and Centennial. They are regularly invited to showcase their dances at culture events and corporate functions in metro Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.


cachc(Sunday 10 am)
Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center is a non-profit organization made up of dedicated volunteers, that is comprised of friends, students, and young professionals from different ethnicities. It is an organization dedicated to promoting and introducing the sport and art of dragon and lion dance, health, wellness, and the Asian Culture. Nowadays, dragon and lion dance is becoming a fun, popular, and competitive sport not only in Asia but around the world. It is a good conditioning and aerobic workout, and is not only for males and adults, but also for females and children.


DBTMinyoukai(Saturday 6 pm)
[email protected]
The Denver Buddhist Minyoukai is a Japanese Folk Dance group. Minyou (folk) songs celebrate the stories and traditions of Japanese locales. The group will lead a “Bon Odori” or Obon dance in front of the CDBF Main Stage on Saturday at 6 pm; it’s an interactive dance and everyone is invited to join in — no experience required!


denvertaiko(Sunday 1:30 pm)
Denver Taiko, founded in 1976 is a community based organization committed to honoring and sharing Japanese drumming through performance and providing an engaging creative outlet for those with interest in the art of taiko. Denver Taiko is the 4th oldest taiko group in North America. Our current cast of musicians range from energetic and talented teens to accomplished veterans who have performed with Denver Taiko for many years. We are a community-based, “home grown” in Denver. A performance by Denver Taiko is a dynamic and propulsive event, a combination of structured rhythms and improvisational solos that roll together like thunder to stir your soul.


dougyoshimura-dragonboatsupahgroup(Sunday 3:30-4:30 pm)
This group is an amalgamation of friends with a wide range of musical styles and experience. Danny Yamamoto is drummer and a founding member of the twice-Grammy nominated group Hiroshima. Hiroshima has been performing for 30 plus years in venues around the world. Danny also plays keyboards and taiko drums as well as several other ethnic instruments. Michaela Rae Knox aka Michaela Rae is a young guitarist phenom who at the age of 14 cut her first CD. Even at a very young age she has received wide acclaim for her guitar playing prowess. She has played on a wide array of noted stages and competed at the International Blues Challenge. She just graduated from high school and is soon headed to college. Hilary Freeman has played bass with several bands including 12 cents for Marvin and the all female power trio Glass Ceiling to mention a few. She is currently a member of the bands Atomic Pablo and Chaotic Serenity. Hilary can play a variety of styles and has been a participant in the Rocky Mountain Bass Slam for several years. Doug Yoshimura is a Denver native that has performed for over 20 years in lots of venues throughout Colorado. His Cheapsuits Blues Band has been the house band at several area open stages and jams for a number of years. He has performed at festivals and events around Colorado and in several local backyards and alleyways too.


SONY DSC(Saturday 4:30 pm)
The Filipino-American Community of Colorado (FACC) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to educational, cultural, scientific, and charitable purposes. The FACC is the most prominent source of Filipino culture in the six county areas and a leading organization in the Asian-American Community. Formally known as The Filipino Club of the Rockies, it was established in 1954 by people who were compelled to keep and share the Filipino Culture. For over 50 years, the FACC has followed the Filipino traditions of family, commitment and hospitality to provide the Denver Metro Area with an educational and cultural source of Philippine Heritage. All of which are shared through music, dancing, local events and of course community gatherings. You could say that it is a place where Filipinos and Filipinos at heart come together and become a family.


gamelantunasmekar(Sunday 10:30 am)
Based in Denver, Colorado, with musicians from around the Front Range, Gamelan Tunas Mekar is a community orchestra under the direction of Balinese composer and Artist-in-Residence I Made Lasmawan. Tunas Mekar performs the indigenous music of the island of Bali, Indonesia. Modeled after typical village groups found throughout Bali, and learning by traditional methods, Tunas Mekar provides American audiences with an authentic glimpse of one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. We are an ensemble of 15+ musicians and we play the ‘angklung’ instruments, a four-tone acoustic orchestra, consisting of gongs, metalophones, cymbals, flutes, and drums.


halau kalama.jpg(Sunday 11:30 am)
We are Kalama, Colorado’s finest Polynesian entertainment company. Kalama means flame or torch. And much like the flame of the tiki torch, our dancers ignite and dance in the tropical wind, our hips keeping time to the drums, and our hands telling you a story of the islands long ago…

HYPE 303

Hype303Group_2012(Sunday 3 pm)
Founded in December 2009, Hype 303 is dedicated to create a dance company formulated to challenge its dancers to their full potential. As they strive to mold themselves into better dancers, they also attempt to inspire other community members to become excited about the art of the hip-hop culture. Hype 303 believes that there should be no dance discrimination, uniting people of all ethnic and dance backgrounds and sharing their style is their mission. Everyone in Hype 303 has come together to share their same enthusiasm for hip hop, which has created the essence of what Hype 303 is today. Starting from a humble group of 7 members that has evolved into a team of 20, Hype 303 is thrilled that they are able to share and express their passion which is hip-hop dance.


Jr. Wahines(Sunday 2 pm)
The Jr. Wahines take their audience to an extravaganza that showcases seven cultural dances of the South Pacific. In their 18th year of public appearances, this dynamic group of young performers hold the distinction in representing Polynesia-Pacifica Foundation of CO in its mission to preserve, promote, and share a unique and diverse culture of Polynesia with the people of Colorado.


kataekwondo(Sunday 1 pm)
Founded in 1980, the Korean Academy of Taekwondo is one of Colorado’s oldest and most successful martial arts schools. They have multiple locations and currently work with everyone from 2 year olds to senior citizens, from students with special needs to Olympians.


Leung and the Wreck 2(Saturday 3:30-4:30 pm)
[email protected]
Pulling from a dominant Rock/Blues background, Leung and The Wreck keep the traditional feel-good music alive with modern twists to each song. Electric fast licks, break beats, precision funk bass, and stunning vocal rasps engage audiences of many ranges. Drawing inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Primus, Ray Charles, The Temptations, Jimi Hendrix, and Parliament this up and coming band leaves people wondering where they have been hiding.


mon-community-hong-sar-dance(Saturday 1 pm)
The Mon Community of.Colorado was formed by ethnic Mon refugees from Burma in 2010. The Mon are one of the earliest migrants into Southeast Asia and they were the best in bridging Chinese and Indian culture while preserving theirs. Mon are now in America introducing their culture. Hopefully we can bring something new to the States.


Mudra_Promotion_2012(Sunday 11 am)
Mudra Dance Studio, a nonprofit organization, is intent on the celebration and promotion of Diversity though the Universal Language of DANCE & MUSIC through the classical Indian dance form of “Kathak” – story telling, along with contemporary & folk dances from India. The studio has a yearlong school for students of all ages, as well as a professional performing company. Our Focus: Cultural outreach & Diversity; Children & Education; Charity & Uplifting; Well being & Collaboration. Mudra’s Annual Production is to support other non-profit organizations.


natlmartialartsacademy(Sunday 12 pm)
National Martial Arts Academy has been teaching in Colorado sice 1993. Our academy teaches chinese martial arts; Contemporary wushu, traditional kung fu and professional Sanda kick boxing.


natyasangam(Saturday 2:30 pm)
Founded in 2002, Natyasangam Dance Academy imparts sound training in the technique of classical Indian dances such as Bharatanatyam and Sattriya as well as Indian folk dances. Indian literature, sculpture, music and religion encompass the essence of these dance styles. The Academy focuses on dance as a communicative device that recreates and articulates rich Indian culture and mythology. The Academy encourages students to think and express ideas through this medium. The Natyasangam Dance Academy consists of students ranging from the ages of 5 to adults. Natyasangam follows the Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam instruction. The training gives equal importance to movement and communicative aspects of the classical and folk dances. The end of the academic year is marked by the annual recital performed by the students. The recitals consist of Bharatanatyam ballets based on Hindu literature and mythology. During the course of the year, students are given an opportunity to perform at different local events and venues. The most important motive and aim of the Academy is to maintain the purity and tradition of the dance forms and encourage its students to think and express ideas through different dance mediums.


PASCO(Saturday 12:30 pm)
The Philippine American Society of Colorado (PASCO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating, preserving, promoting, and sharing the Philippine culture and heritage through educational and cultural opportunities that would enrich and enhance the lives of its members and the Colorado community. The PASCO Folk Arts Dance Repertoire is the heart of our cultural program. We foster family involvement in the community by cultivating their enthusiasm to admire, savor and embrace the beauty of our heritage and culture. It is also an educational medium to teach and train our young children discipline, team spirit, pride and artistic excellence. As they grow as young adults, they serves as mentors and model figures for our young children.


Howie's Studio(Saturday 1:30 pm)
Shaolin Hung Mei Kung Fu is a non-profit association offering a comprehensive system of martial practices intended to cultivate the defense skills, health, character and spiritual development of its students. Although the martial applications of Shaolin Hung Mei form the core of the School’s structure; history, theory and philosophy are key components. The organization bridges the gap between Eastern and Western ideals and people by exposing the greater metro communities to a variety of Chinese traditions. www.shaolinhungmei.org or 303.507.3800.


spiritofcambodia(Saturday 3 pm)
The Spirit of Cambodia Cultural Alliance (also known as SOCCA) is a non-profit organization based in Denver, CO and was founded in 2000. Our mission is to promote Cambodian heritage by uniting the youth community and the foster Khmer culture through the arts and athleticism of our group. We strive to expand the awareness and significance of the Cambodian culture throughout the community. Our goal is to influence and empower future Cambodian-American generations in the society to assist in allocating the Khmer culture.


streetstylescrew(Saturday 12 pm)
[email protected]
Street Styles is not just a crew of bboys and bgirls, we are a family of close friends since the late 90′s who have competed and performed across the globe. Officially Street Styles Crew in 2007, we have since helped to create a community in Denver around breaking. Members of Street Styles are behind community such annual organizing Rockers Rumble at CU Boulder every fall (currently in its 9th year), the B-boy Factory Studio in Denver (see bio), and the Cultural Unity stage at this Dragon Boat Festival.


Thai_Harmony-cropped(Saturday 2 pm)
[email protected]
Thai Harmony is Colorado’s Thai traditional music and dance troupe, based at Wat Buddhawaram of Denver, the local Thai Buddhist temple. Elegant dances moves, adorned with vivid costumes accompany the notes of classical Thai instruments. Thai Harmony has performed almost every year at the CDBF and is proud to share Thailand’s diverse music and dance culture to the Colorado community.


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