Help create the world’s longest chalk art snake & interactive art at imaginAsian


imaginAsian Art Collaboration, which was introduced in 2011, returns to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival for its third year, with contributing artists Michael O’Keeffe, Squidworks and Connor Ospina.

imaginAsian is a showcase of artists working with the public to crate art, and an opportunity for local artists to show their talent. In 2012 we focused on the popular genres of anime and manga, Japanese comics and animation, and displayed local comic artists’ work as well as the fine art of area Asian American artists. Visitors also got to contribute to a chalk art drawing on the sidewalk.

imaginasianFor 2013, we invite the public to once again help make chalk art, and since it’s the Year of the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac, we want to create the world’s longest chalk art snake on the sidewalks of Sloan’s Lake!

In addition, Squid Works Comic Creator Cooperative invites the public to fill in painting with Asian themes (there’s an example of an painting waiting for your talent to the left). The Squid Works Comic Creator Cooperative is a rag-tag group of Colorado-based independent cartoonists, artists and writers who work in a variety of styles.

Visit imaginAsian and you’ll be able to interact with the artists and bring out your creative muse with other fun activities including a Comics Draw-Off and a Spontaneous Community Comic.

Come by, inspire your muse and let out your Inner Artist!


2 Responses to imaginAsian Art Collaboration

  1. Rina says:

    There’s no info on specifically where or when this is taking place, so do I just wander around until I find it?

    • cdbforg says:

      Hi Rina, there’s no schedule for it because it goes o all weekend, with artists displaying their work, and inviting people to contribute to both the World Longest Snake chalk drawing and to a interactive mural/mosaic. The imaginAsian area is past the Dragonland children’s area along the peninsula at the eastern end of the festival. Here’s a map of the festival site:

      Have fun at the festival!

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