Race Registration, Requirements, Team Divisions, and Fees


Before you register your team, please read the information and requirements below.




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Dragon boat races are one of the main attractions of the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, from our humble beginnings in 2001 with 16 teams racing on one day, to dozens of teams competing over a weekend!

Click for a PDF on how to train for Dragon Boat Racing!



What is the difference between the two divisions?
Flag-Catching (FC) Divisions:
Each team must have a minimum of eight (8) male and eight (8) female paddlers, plus two (2) other paddlers of your choosing. You must also have a drummer and flag catcher. A steersman for all races will be provided by CDBF. All races will be 250 meters long.
• Mixed FC Division – 18 paddlers, 1 drummer, 1 flag catcher. This is a non-competitive adult division.


Hong Kong (HK) Style Divisions:
Each team must have a minimum of eight (8) male and eight (8) female paddlers, plus four (4) other paddlers of your choosing. You must also have a drummer. Here are the different Hong Kong divisions that will be racing this year:
• Mixed Hong Kong 250-Meter Division
• Mixed Hong Kong 500-Meter Division


How many people do you need for a team?
Each team needs 24 members — 18 to paddle (at least eight men and eight women, the other two of your choosing), one to keep time on the drum, one to be the flag catcher (for Taiwan-style flag catcher boats) and four alternates are recommended. A Dragon Boat race team is great for team building and for creating camaraderie that continues off the water and into the office and a circle of friends.

Team Composition
Adults must be at least 16 years old by July 28, 2018. Each team must consist of a minimum of eight (8) male and eight (8) female paddlers plus a drummer. Competitive teams must have their own trained steersmen.


Team Fees
$1000 registration fee for the Hong Kong
$1000 registration fee for the Flag Catching
$700 registration fee for out-of-state teams regardless of division


Policy on Abbreviated or Cancelled Races
CDBF and Race Management shall strive to provide a complete race event, culminating with awards and recognition of teams which have demonstrated their team work and accomplishments by finishing ahead of their competitors. Situations may occur wherein the race event cannot be completed in spite of the best efforts of CDBF staff, Race Management, and Safety Personnel. If conditions exist where, in the judgment of Race Management and/or Safety Personnel, the race event cannot be held or continued and the races have not progressed to the point where teams can clearly be identified as winners in their respective brackets, medals and trophies will not be awarded, and teams or sponsoring organizations are not entitled to a refund of race entry fees. Race Management may alter the racing format or schedule for any division in an attempt to determine a clear winner.

Withdrawing from Competition
A paid team having to withdraw from the race will receive a refund according to the following schedule:
Full refund upon withdrawal by April 1;
50% refund upon withdrawal by May 15;
25% refund upon withdrawal by June 1;
no refund after June 1.

Teams will not be fully registered until payments have been recieved.
Shipping and handling is the processing fee applied to those who pay by credit card.
Both credit card and checks are accepted.

Please read the Race Team FAQs for more information.


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