When do the dragon boat races run during the festival?
The dragon boat races begin at 8 am and run until 5 pm, with an award presentation at the end of each day. The races begin BEFORE the festival, which officially starts at 10 am each day.

When does team registration begin and end?
Team registration begins on Feb 1, and ends either when the division is full, or May 9. When a division is full, we will stop taking registration, even if it is prior to April 30. Team can ask to be placed in the wait list, if the division is full.

How much is the team fee and what does it include?
Team fee is $900 for Flag Catching teams and $700 for Hong Kong teams ($500 for out-of-state teams), this includes one practice session prior to the festival, one 15×15 team space in team city during festival, the use of boat, safety jackets, and paddles during practice and races.

What is the minimum and maximum number of members each team can have:
Team members: each team needs to have minimum of 20 and maximum of 25 paddlers.

Are there different racing divisions for the teams – such as novice, corporate, thirty something, etc.?
For the 2017 races, we will have the Flag Catching Division, and Hong Kong Division. In the Hong Kong Division, we will run two time trials. The combined time of the time trails will determine which category a team will be competing in during the semi-final and final races

What are the requirements of Flag Catching division teams?
Each team must have a minimum of 8 male and 8 female paddlers, with the other 2 paddlers of your choosing. You must also have a drummer and flag catcher. A steersman for all races will be provided by CDBF. All races will be 250m.

What are the requirements of Hong Kong division teams?
Each team must have a minimum of 8 male and 8 female paddlers, with the other 4 paddlers of your choosing. You must also have a drummer and a steersman. All recreational division races will be 250m. Competitive division will be 500m.

For the Corporate Division teams do the team paddlers have to be employees of ours – or can spouses or friends be part of the team as well?
The paddlers can be employees, friends, spouse, relatives, etc.

How many teams will you accept in each division?
We will accept 27 teams each in Flag Catching Mixed and Hong Kong Mixed Divisions

What is the registration fee for out-of-town team?
Out-of-town team registration fee is $500. In addition to all the team benefits, out-of-town teams will also get a complimentary 15×15 tent in Team City.

Is there a weight limit for the team as a whole?
We do not have a weight limit.

Do we need to turn in the full team roster when we register for a team?
You do not need to turn in the team roster when you register. You will need to turn in your team roster when you come for the free practice prior to the festival. However, you may change your roster up until the day of the festival

What does the team registration fee include?
Team registration fee includes: one team practice prior to the festival, three races during the festival, and a 15×15 space in Team City during the festival. CDBF will provide boat, paddles, and personal floating devices during practice and festival.

Do I have to sign up a whole team? What if I want to paddle, but am not part of a team? Can you assign me to a team?
If you are an individual interested in joining a team, please provide the following information to [email protected], and we will find a team for you: Name, Email, Sex, Age and Paddling experience.

Where is the training held at?
It will be at Aurora Reservoir where our boats are stored.

What is the length of each practice session, e.g. 1-hour, 2-hours, etc.? and what times are available – during business hours, weeknights, weekends?
The practice session is 1 hour each. Since most of our paddlers work full-time, the practice sessions are scheduled for 6-8 on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. When we are ready for practices, we will select a few weekends for the free practices. We will publish a schedule for teams to choose the time slot that works for them. For additional paid sessions, we will also publish a schedule for teams to choose the time.

In addition to the one free practice that comes with registration, would team be able to get more practices prior to the festival?
Additional practices can be purchased at $100 per session. You may schedule additional practices at [email protected].

Is there a limit on the number of persons we can bring to the training session?
We have not set limits on number of persons for the training session. But we can only allow 20 people on a boat. Therefore, if you bring more than 20 to the training session, you have to rotate them during the one-hour session. In the past, some teams were not able to bring all their members to the training, so they asked other teams to fill the boat so they could hold the training as scheduled.

What is your cancellation policy?
Teams can withdraw from the races, based on the following schedule. If paid by credit card, the 3% processing fee will not be refunded.
Before April 1 – 100% refund
Before May 15 – 50% refund
Before June 1 – 25% refund
After June 1 – no refund

Can we wear sandals in the boat?
Since there could be broken glass in the water and on the beach, we would like you to wear either closed-toed shoes or sandals with secure straps.

When will races begin and end during the festival?
Races will begin at 8 am and end around 6 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

How many hours would the team be needed on race day(s)?
We have not decided yet whether the teams will need to race for one day or both days. Some corporate teams have indicated they prefer one-day races.

When will race schedules be published?
Race schedules will be published a week prior to the festival.

Where will paddlers park?
All paddlers are required to park for $5 per car at Sports Authority Field at Mile-High and take the shuttle to Sloan’s Lake Park. Shuttle services will begin at 6:30 a.m. and end at 8:30 p.m.

In your experience what has been the keys to a winning dragon-boat team?
Team spirit is the most important factor for a team to win. They have to work together and paddle like one machine.

Who should we contact for answers to additional questions?
Email us at [email protected]





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