2016 Cultural Unity Performers


Since its introduction in 2007, the Cultural Unity urban arts showcase has become one of the most popular features of the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival. It’s an acknowledgement of young Asian Americans’ interest in hip-hop dance, music and poetry, at the same time it’s also a reflection of the diversity and inclusiveness of hip-hop culture in general! (NOTE: Performers and schedules are subject to change.)

Once again this year, we’ll feature Floating Graffiti Murals in the area, so stop by and enjoy a rocking weekend of Urban Arts in Cultural Unity!

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ratha sok(Live painting all weekend)
Focused on helping heal and grow urban youth that are fighting temptations growing up in urban communities.



Academy Of Raw is Hype 303’s competitive team, which performs and competes in and out-of-state. AOR has won almost every major competition in state as Hype 303 for the past couple years, and has competed at World of Dance Chicago. AOR made its debut as part of the Skool District family at World of Dance Houston 2013 and competed at World of Dance Los Angeles 2014. AOR strives to represent the Colorado urban dance community to its fullest potential by sharing their love and passion for dance.

BLOCK 1750

Block 1750 is a dance based cultural arts center located in Boulder Colorado that provides an open, welcoming space for youth and people of all ages and backgrounds. Built for the community, by the community that it serves, the Block acts as a staging ground for events, activities, performances, and classes all over the Boulder/Denver area, as well as a home away from home for many youth and adults, both local and foreign. At Block 1750 we strive to inspire, teach and empower individuals from all walks of life and unite them through creative endeavors of there choosing.


Broken Empire (BE) is an eight – member, dance crew from multiple parts of Colorado. Est. in November of 2015, BE represents an excited group of individuals that motivate each other to find out who they really are. BE is also an encouraging, environment that offers continuous opportunities and challanges to one another. Being apart of a crew with both choreographers and freestylers makes them inspired to bring versatility and diversity to their routines.


Founded in 2013 by Kayla Scott, COhe (pronounced CO) is a hip hop dance crew based out of Colorado. The name COhe stands for cohesion, a connection through each others bonds to come together as a family. This family of dancers have come a long way, and continue to pursue their One Motive of giving back to the community through their love for dance.


The mission of the Colorado Dance Collective is to be committed to the enhancement of the performing arts through dance by heightening the awareness, promoting the benefits and educating the community regarding dance and the performing arts. We are a nonprofit adult repertoire company.


funkinetic projecthttp://funkinetic.com
The FunKinetic Project is a constantly developing community of Urban dance (Funk Styles, Hip Hop, House) based in Denver, Colorado. Operating from the premise that Hip Hop dance, like Hip Hop music, samples from many styles and influences, The FunKinetic Project brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds in dance and other art forms. The FunKinetic Project is actually several strategies aimed at a specific goal. That goal, simply stated is to use the power of urban dance to create healthy self-sustaining communities. Hip Hop (Hiphop) owes its emergence to a variety of influences in African-American and Afro-Latin history. Not only is the music a strong factor, but Hip Hop also reflects its roots as a style of conflict resolution and artistic expression in African-American and Latin communities. Hip Hop dance, like Hip Hop music, draws its content from a variety of sources, primarily African and Latin diasporic, but other folk styles as well. This makes Hip Hop a versatile art form for use in the expression of social and political themes, historical content, and just plain fun. Based on the successful response of previous years, we will once again present a historical evolution of hip hop social dances in a demo/workshop cum dance party!


I was born and raised in Boulder Colorado. I’ve been dancing since the age of five, switching off between choreo and free styling. Learning and admiring the history of many different styles, I slowly began to adapt to Waacking and a fusion of Latin dances.

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver bio will appear soon, we promise.

Gravity Dance Collective & Esmé Dance Company

Gravity Dance Collective is a new community epicenter for movement with the mission to provide affordable dance instruction for all ages. Esmé Dance Company was founded by Veronica Potter in August 2014. Esmé is a group of artists who are dedicated to the art of dance & sharing their passion.


Machinez Remainz is Poppin Crew based out of Denver, Colorado well known for its robotic movements mixed in with animation and old school flavored popping. Machinez Remainz were featured in Dance magazine September 2011 for winning video contest and Dance Teacher magazine’s September winner of Video of the Month 2012. Also, we danced live for Fox31, CW2 News and 7News. We performed in a variety of local performances, productions, and festivals throughout Colorado such as: Tastes of Colorado, Dragon boat festival, Dance Express festival, Festival of Nations, Totally Tennyson 80’s festival, European Festival, Denver Dance festival, Colorado hip-hop festival, Thornton festival,Crewz Control show and more. In our performances we incorporate both the elements of popping and story telling to bring our artistic expression to connect to the audience.


Mightyrockmorez was founded by Mitch aka Boston and the BBoy’s from CSU Hip Hop in mid 2000’s. We are evolving into a crew battling at local BBoy jams and also choreographing dances/performing around town and throwing jams.


Mudra Dance Studio, a nonprofit organization, is intent on the celebration and promotion of Diversity though the Universal Language of DANCE & MUSIC through the classical Indian dance form of “Kathak” – story telling, along with contemporary & folk dances from India. The studio has a yearlong school for students of all ages, as well as a professional performing company. Our Focus: Cultural outreach & Diversity: Children & Education: Charity & Uplifting: Well-being & Collaboration: Mudra’s Annual Production is to support other non-profit organizations.


wormtank-sm(Saturday 5:30 pm)
Worm Tank is a diverse family of Hip Hop Heads from Colorado. We believe that there isn’t nearly enough Love in this world and we are rocking hard to change that. Our mission: To provide a sober, safe, and productive community for people to express themselves through service, Hip Hop, and dance while having fun and showing society that age, race and sexual biases and binaries are not only irrelevant, but detrimental to a community.


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