The Mile High Dragonboat Race Club has developed an iPhone App for races, so teams and their supporters can follow the competition’s times and standings in real time!

Click here to download the app, or better yet, aim your iPhone’s QR Code reader here:




Because it’s the year of the Fire Monkey on the Chinese Lunar calendar, we’ve come up with a way for you to monkey around at CDBF by hiding 12 monkeys throughout the festival! We’ll be posting clues on Facebook, and your mission is to post selfies with each monkey in its location during the festival with the #CDBF2016 and the hashtag attached to the monkey, and then upload a collage of all the selfies after the festival with #cdbfmonkey2016 and all 12 of the monkeys’ hashtags. You can use Facebook or Instagram.

Shoot pictures using mobile phone cameras, or cameras with access to Wi-Fi connections to the Internet – posing at the Festival with the monkeys. Next, participants must upload their original collage of the 12 stuffed animal monkeys to his/her social media platform. Participants MUST tag their collages with 13 hashtags: #CDBF2016 and hashtag associated on the monkey (so CDBF can view and judge the selfies).

There will be four (4) winners, and each will receive a $50 VISA gift card.

Read the full rules here. By entering this contest, you have read the full rules and agree to its contents.



Join CDBF for our first-ever Dumpling Eating Contest!

Since we’re known as the summertime festival that showcases the best authentic cuisine from across the Pacific, it only made sense that we’d host a Dumpling Eating Contest!

Here’s how it will work: We’re holding this contest in three rounds of nine contestants each through the weekend in Gateway To Asia, with one final round between the winners of the three first rounds, to determine the First, Second and Third-place winners. The finalists will receive prizes.

Participants will have to eat 20 dumplings each … with NO HANDS. The first one done who raises her or his hands will win the round. Each contestant must pay a $15 entry fee. The rounds will take place in Gateway To Asia at there times:

Saturday July 30: 4:30 pm-5:00 pm
Sunday July 31: 3:30-4:00 pm

Because only 27 contestant can have this very special chance to pig out, you’ll need to sign up right away to compete to eat!

Just register here:

Deck Hughes, President of the Denver Toyota Dealers Association, with a dragon-themed SUV that will be at #CDBF2016.

Deck Hughes, President of the Denver Toyota Dealers Association, with a dragon-themed SUV that will be at #CDBF2016.

The CDBF Honorary Patron position was established in 2006 and is selected by the CDBF Board of Directors. The Honorary Patron is an individual(s) or entity with a proven record of philanthropic and charitable efforts that support awareness and the betterment of both the APA community and communities throughout Colorado.

We’re proud to announce the 2016 CDBF Honorary Patron, The Denver Toyota Dealers Association and its president, Deck Hughes!

Read more about Deck Hughes and the Denver Toyota Dealers Association, and a list of previous Honorary Patrons!