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The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival relies on the support of partners who help sponsor the event each year.

Consider joining us to support our mission to entertain and educate over 110,000 festival visitors about the rich diversity of Asian and Asian American culture, and to engage athletes and fans with our unique dragon boat races.

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Few events in Colorado combine as many elements as the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.

It is a sports competition with 51 corporate and community teams comprised of some 1,350 competitors plus 110,000+ spectators. It is an ethnic celebration of Colorado’s rich Pan Asian American heritage. It is a cultural showcase of diverse Asian cuisine and performing artists. It is a marketplace of unique and hard-to-find arts, crafts and vendors that are more likely to be found in the markets of Hong Kong, Tokyo or Manila.

In its designation of the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival as the Top Annual Festival in Denver, the Rocky Mountain News lauded the festival as a “mixture of culture and competition.” The festival was awarded the Diversity Award from the City of Denver’s Office of Human Rights and Community Partnerships, and in 2013 CDBF was honored to receive the Impact Award from the City of Denver for Excellence in Arts and Culture.

A Harmonious Yin/Yang:

The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival creates a harmonious yin/yang for its spectators as well as its sponsors:

Two-day festival held in central Denver on Sloan’s Lake

Denver’s premier Asian event annually attracts over 110,000 visitors including a significant segment of the region’s Asian-Pacific American population with huge crossover appeal to the general population.

The dragon boat races themselves pit over 50 corporate and community teams of 24 people in a fun yet competitive event that builds esprit de corps and encourages an active lifestyle.

With over 100 traditional and contemporary Asian performing artists, 80 vendors and food concessionaires, the Festival provides attendees with a unique cultural experience.

Special interactive features including “Dragonland” children’s area and the “Gateway to Asia” educational area of performances and demonstrations provide hands-on experiences for audiences of all ages.

High level participation by Asian community leaders, corporate sponsors, corporate boat teams and VIP hospitality area create “unbuyable” hospitality opportunities.

Strong media partnerships with companies such as Fox 31/KWGN, The Denver Post, Yelp and Comcast assure excellent promotion for the event and its sponsors.


The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival conducts spectator surveys each year since the inception of the Festival. In 2017, research conducted by BGV Marketing and Festival Ambassadors was administered to 1,957 respondents. The typical attendee is between 18-44 years of age; college educated; with a household income of $60,000-$89,000. Nearly half the attendees are people of color where 20% are of Asian ethnicity and 92% plan to attend in 2018.

Ethnicity: Colorado Dragon Boat Festival attendees represent diverse ethnic groups. Not surprisingly, the event attracts a larger segment of the Asian population than any other regional event. But it is also a crossover event as 47% are Caucasian; 20% are Asian; 16% are Hispanic; 4% are African American; 2% are Native American; and 4% are from other ethnic groups.

Gender: Colorado Dragon Boat Festival’s event audience is equally divided between men and women, comprised of 57% female and 43% male attendees.

Marital Status: Attendees are split between married (42%), single (39%) and those who have a partner or significant other (17%).

Age: The age of the festival attendee principally falls into the ever important 25-44 demographic. The breakdown is as follows: 4% are under the age of 18; 18% are between the ages of 18 and 24; 31% are between 25 and 34; 20% are 35 to 44; 14% are 45-54; 9% are 55-64; and 5% are 65 years of age and older.

Home Ownership: 47% of attendees own their homes and 53% rent.

Education: CDBF attendees are well educated. 12% have achieved high school degrees or GED; 24% have had some college; 28% have attained Bachelors Degrees only; 4% have some post graduate work; and 27% have earned a Post Graduate degree.

Income: Spectators of the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival represent the region’s higher income levels as compared to the general population. 29% earn under $34,000; 28% earn $34,000-$59,999; 20% earn $60,000-$89,999; 10% earn $90,000-$109,999; 13% earn $110,000 or greater.


For information on sponsorship, please email [email protected]!



For more information on sponsorship, commercial exhibiting or promotional partnerships, contact us [email protected] or 303.953.7277.



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