AnimAsian tent screens two days of anime!

CAF_Twitter_LOGOWhat’s the most popular Asian culture in the U.S. (well, besides food…)? Anime, of course!

The Western-inspired but Japanese-born style of animation has exploded with fans all over the world in recent decades, and for many young fans, watching anime is a first step to a life of studying Japan and Asia through college and into careers.

Since 2015, we’ve partnered with Colorado Anime Fest, to bring classic and new anime favorites to CDBF. Come watch the best of Japan for two straight days of anime screenings at the #AnimAsian tent at #CDBF2016! AnimAsian showcases the diverse styles of anime, from kid-friendly cartoons to epic science fiction adventures, in both subtitled and dubbed formats.

Plus, meet a very special guest: Colorado native and voice actor David Vincent. David will be greeting fans and signing autographs all weekend, as well hosting panels on how to be a voice actor (complete with authentic auditions!). His well-known roles include Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez in “Bleach,” Senketsu in “Kill la Kill,” and Gilgamesh in “Fate/Zero.” You may also know him as Robin in “Super Smash Bros” and “Fire Emblem Awakening,” or Jin Kisaragi in “BlazBlue”. See his full bio below. David follows last year’s special guests, artist Jessica von Braun and voice actor Chuck Huber, an American voice actor best known as Hiei in “Yu Yu Hakusho,” Dr. Stein in “Soul Eater,” and Austria in “Hetalia”.

The next Colorado Anime Fest will be March 24-26, 2017 at the Denver Renassiance Stapleton Hotel. Now in its second year, this small anime con features the region’s premier Japanese cultural programming, cosplay contests, concerts, special guests, panels, AMVs, an all-ages rave, video game rooms, manga library, anime bar and more. Learn more at

Meet David Vincent!

Vincent (Web)Arvada, Colorado native David Vincent is an award-winning voice actor/producer now based in Los Angeles. He’s given voice to hundreds of animation/anime episodes and video game titles, as well as made guest star appearances on TV shows such as The Mentalist and NCIS. The American Anime Awards nominated David for Best Voice Actor in an Anime for his work as Van in Gun x Sword.

David is recently starred as the talking sailor uniform Senketsu, on the hit TV series Kill la Kill, currently airing on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim; and can also be heard in the mega-hit video game Super Smash Bros. as his Fire Emblem: Awakening character Robin. Super Smash Bros. won Favorite Video Game at the 42nd annual People’s Choice Awards in 2016.

Other well-known credits are: Jin Kisaragi and Hakumen in the hit video game and anime series BlazBlue, Street Fighter franchise as T-Hawk, Richard in Tales Of Graces, Marshall Law and Forest Law in the video game franchise Tekken, Bleach as Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, Gilgamesh in Fate / Zero, Gilgamesh in Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works, Li Xingke in Code Geass, Gundam: The Origin II as Gaia, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as Narrator, Van in Gun x Sword, Seiji in Durarara!!, Arthur August Angel in Blue Exorcist, Duval in One Piece, Star Wars: Battlefront as Rebel Alliance, Raymond Vester in Resident Evil: Revelations, Castlevania as Richter Belmont and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles as Keiss.

David graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1994 with a degree in journalism.

Like David on Facebook or join his fan club for prizes and autograph giveaways!

Watch here for a full schedule of anime and guests we’ll be featuring for 2016!


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